1 Global Passport www.1globalpass.com is to is to attain the vision 2020 as have been written in THE WORLD of 2020 eBook

In 2020, anybody could receive official Global Passport - CIG ID card accepted by UN and all countries to travel and do business freely everywhere. CIG ID card includes national ID, International Passport, Personal CV, International Bank account, International Medical Insurance, International Driver License and all personal official previous paper documents before in one ID card. CIG ID card is valid in any country to make it easy to pass borders without visas, make payments, receive medical treatment, drive a car, do business, etc.

Global Passport as credit cards before is linked to a phone or any other personal gadget to free people from paper one. CIG ID card with online internet account compound all official personal documents and personal data of any human being and make free people from paper documents.

All CIG ID cards have an online internet account, super secure with personal digital key and the holder is taking full control the information how much to share and with whom. Puzzled internet before with many networks and businesses get simple to log in with this one digital personal key.

All transactions of official documents would no longer eat up hours. No more awkward time spending in lines to open or close a business, selling a car, sell a home, register the kid for kindergarten, set up appointments with doctors, officials, etc. everything is done fast and online.